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photo by charlie engman for dazed and confused october 2013

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My Fro is bacckkkk


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Shirt: village thrift store, overalls: forever 21
Kiera, 18, va
Instagram: kieraplease


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I have been hearing about the benefits of using avocado in deep conditioners from many natural hair bloggers for a while now. It always seemed like too much stress to try, but I decided to give it a go and can say I am definitely a convert!

Having used this for a few weeks now, I have experienced a lot of benefits from avocado hair masks. My hair has been really shiny and overall just looks so much healthier.

The only downside to using an avocado hair mask is with having to mash/blend an avocado every time I wash my hair. So, I will be experimenting with using avocado oil as a substitute, and let you know what I think!

4c ladies!

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Bibi Kassembe  by Timofey Golenev for 

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Love this hair!

Ya’ll need to check out her youtube. 

ElektrikTV her dye jobs are always so beautiful!! An she gives tons of tips. She is a licensed beautician. 

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