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Highlight Contour Blush & Bronzer FULL FACE

By Destiny Godley

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Holy shit

A Queen

She’d probably suck your soul smooth out.your dick.

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Just so y’all know… Urban Decay has yet to even confirm a NAKED 3. It is a very large possibility that this is fake. 

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In 1965, Flori Roberts was the first cosmetics brands developed specifically for women of color. This was a big step towards giving African American women a prestigious line of diverse color cosmetics and skin care formulated and shade selected specifically for them. And, Flori Roberts was the first brand of cosmetics for women of color to be sold in major department stores.

In 1992, Flori Roberts launched My Everything Crème, the first upscale multi-purpose facial treatment specifically formulated to address the unique aging process of black women 30+. It was an instant success.

Today, despite Flori Roberts’ department store heritage and name recognition, it is sold almost exclusively through Color Me Beautiful’s direct selling and mall kiosk entrepreneurs. Flori Roberts has a comprehensive range of quality color cosmetics that include foundationsface powdersblush, eye and lip makeup. Flori Roberts is recognized as the premier cosmetic brand for African American women. The brand is also synonymous with serious skin care and recently launched the first-ever skin care, Enlighten , using Emblica – a plant extract – which is a dramatically effective and natural way to even-out skin tone, fade discolorations and brighten the skin.

-About Flori Roberts from the website


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Beauty Do’s Don’ts and Duh’s: Tips for Women of Color

by Jackie A.K.A Lilpumpkinpie05

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You see right thru me

-piercing eyes 

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