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#art quick fun sketches


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#art I like pen tbh


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So what you think? #art #blackart #oilpainting

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Gary Stephens was born in Arizona in 1962, and studied Painting at the University of Arizona and Drawing at the San Francisco Art Institute in United States.

His recent work engages urban African style, exploring contemporary trends in the African tradition of hair braiding.” 

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Seeing Naomi Campbell As We Do Not Usually See Her

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1. Seeing the darker skin at Naomi Campbell’s joints is the reason for this post. 

2. Here Naomi Campbell communicates some feeling / atmosphere / affect that fabulous and fierce Naomi Campbell is not usually invited to communicate.

3. This is skin usually evened out for editorials to create smooth lengths of mahogany and ebony. Here we’re confronted by the skin’s life and history.

4. We read Wole Soyinka’s ‘Telephone Conversation’ in English Lit. The words “has turned / My bottom raven black” prompt one of my classmates to ask me if I too have a black arse, like the man in the poem.

5. Cambridge, a decent chunk of the country’s elite is at this party, on MDMA, watching interracial porn. A friend screams ‘YUCK!’, swivels her head towards me and demands to know if my labia are also black like the woman’s in the film.

6. Here, Naomi Campbell’s body is not what black women’s bodies often are in these editorial contexts. Which is:

7. Naomi Campbell’s body does not tell the viewer anything at all about whiteness - which is to say, she is not an instrument

8. Naomi Campbell’s skin is not mahogany or ebony - which is to say, she is not an ornament. Here, almost pathetically human.

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Preparing For being an art historian #art #history #blackstuff #harlem

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I’m shocked that you don’t seem to have any posts of the hilarious satirical art criticisms of Hennessy Youngman (a persona of artist Jayson Musson). I strongly suggest looking past the objectionable language and appreciate his overall brilliance.

Hennessy Youngman - Art Thoughtz - How To Be A Successful Black Artist


this shit is so funny but true

art lmao niggas!! 

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∆ Wangechi Mutu | Collagist, Afrofuturist, Warrior Woman

∆ Photographer | Chris Sanders [pic 1]

I love Wangechi Mutu

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this is just something that we’ve been sitting on for a while.  perhaps too long.
photos by me.

- sir dex 

Model: Terry Lovette 
Photos by Dex R. Jones 
© All Rights Reserved


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