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The Unwritten rules is a wonderful webseries starring Asha Davis as Racey Jones and her place in “white” Coroporate america. Right off the back, even after having one coporate type job that similarities in microaggressions was there. This is comedy gold and it not only addresses racism in the work place from white people it addresses interracial relations between Black folks. This is a wonderful webseries that is trying to get more support for season 2.


In the Kim William’s words, the creator, writer, and producer:

When I wrote the book, ”40 Hours and Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman” in 2003, I wanted to create a voice that had been silenced, judged, and disregarded. And eight years later, that voice was resurrected with “the Unwritten Rules”. 

"the Unwritten Rules" is a web series based on the book, "40 Hours and Unwritten Rule" (Butterfly Ink Publishing, 2004). The series follows a Black woman’s, Racey Jones, journey in a predominantly white workplace with real situations, truthful thoughts, and honest reactions. With Season 1, the voice was heard globally (ie. US, the UK, Australia, South Africa, the Caribbean) and embraced by Black & White and Young & Old. And for Season 2, we want to speak louder! But we can’t do it without your help.

"the Unwritten Rules" stars Aasha Davis (‘Pariah’, ‘South of Nowhere’, ‘Friday Night Lights’), Balbinka, Sara Finely, David Lowe, Kayla Ibarra, Ebenzer Quaye, and Antonio Ramirez. The series is Written and Executive Produced by me (Kim Williams). I have 16 years experience in Television and Film Production working as an Associate Producer/Post Supervisor. I’ve also written two novels (, as well as, Co-written and Produced the theatrical play, "Bitch" ( Aasha Davis and Michelle Clay also serve as Producers on the series.

The web series has received an overflow of positive response and has been featured on The’s 6 Web Series to Watch ListSister 2 Sister’s 9 Web Series to Watch List ,clutchmagazine.comThe Urban Daily.comWomanist Musings, and many more.

To watch Season 1 episodes, go to


"What We Need & What You Get

We need your help to shoot Season 2. For Season 1, we depleted our favors and free labor. Your contribution will cover all production costs (location fees, equipment, cast & crew, post production, etc) and Marketing & Publicity. We, at “the Unwritten Rules”, believe it’s always better to give AND receive, so we’re donating a small portion of monies raised to a favorite charity.

Every dollar counts! If every fan and subscriber donates, we will bring you a bigger and better Season 2. We have some great perks starting at just $5: Read the book that started it all, Purchase the Episodes of Season 1 (with bonus features), and Join the Cast by reading a Rule on screen.
And don’t worry, if you can’t donate, you can still help by spreading the word about the series and campaign! POST, TWEET, FORWARD, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE…”

Please support our own!!

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    I looove this series. Please watch and, if you enjoyed, donate!
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