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The Top Ten Foundations for Afro lovelies.

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Finding foundations can be such a challenge for us. So i deicded to make this list, i tried to feature specific foundations that range into the darker skin regions because for whatever reason make up companies same to think POC just stop at this mid tone lighter brown. Ok make up companies get it together!

As before there are also many variations of prices. I hope this helps and also if you go for the higher end ones. ASK FOR SAMPLES. That’s how i was able to test and use many of these for at least two weeks. Ok i did not spend 42 bucks on a foundation and found out i hated it. Not my go. 

Much love, Babs!


1.Black Opal true liquid Foundation
Retails at $8.95

2. Black opal true color stick foundation
Retails at $9.50

3.Fashion fair souffle
Retails at $28.00


4. Revlon Color stay
Retails at $12.99


5. Lo’real true match foundation
Retails at $8.49-$11.49


6. Makeup forever HD fondation
Retails at $42.00


7. NARS sheer Glow/Matte foundation
Both retails at $42.00


8. Makeup forever Face & Body 

Retails at $40.00


9. Urban Decay Naked Foundation
Retails at $38.00


10. Iman second to none stick foundation

Retails at $16.00



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