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Character: Princess Tiana

Series:  The Princess and the Frog

Cosplayer:  brichibi

Costume by:  snowtigra


Notes from the submitter:  I really just want to say a big thank you to pages like this one (Cosplaying While Black) and others like Fat is AttractivePlus Size Cosplay AppreciationFuck Yeah Fat PositiveFat Girls Do Things, and other tumblr groups that work to submit minorities and/or plus sized cosplayers/people in a positive light.  I really don’t think the people behind these pages realize how good it feels to have our pictures posted in groups that are made to appreciate our differences and how powerful it makes us feel to see our pictures posted and all the lovely comments we get.

I was extremely apprehensive about posting my cosplay.  I always think, “There’s so many gorgeous, skinny cosplayers out there who deserve the attention, not a big girl like me.”  But then I discovered Cosplaying While Black and I thought, “… I’ll give it a shot.”  My Tiana cosplay has gotten so much love, I honestly can’t believe how many people like this costume.  It’s made me more confident about my cosplay and makes me want to do it more.  I’ve never planned so many costumes before, but now I am, because now I feel like I can go out there and do it.  

And sure, I get compliments from like, friends, or my partner, or people at cons, but the internet is… different.  It’s not that I’ve gotten negative feedback, I was just terrified that I would because I hear so many horror stories, or would see a plus sized cosplayer posted somewhere and see the negative comments.  I’d think, “Nu uh, no way, I’m not posting anything.”  I’ve also seen friends get crap for the cosplays they do, I’ll never forget a friend who I thought did a GREAT cosplay but the first comment was, “This character isn’t black.”  (granted, Tiana is black, but she’s not the only cosplay I do and even so, Tiana is skinny)

Then I discovered groups like this one and several others that are like, “Sweetie, you’re gorgeous, you rock that costume and keep rockin’ it.”  And that means so much, not just to me I think, but to everyone who gets the courage to post their picture online.  

So thanks for being here, and thanks for making this plus sized black girl more confident in herself. 

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