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So happy to be featured in the August issue of Plus Model Mag (The Denim Issue) So proud to be photographed next to 4 AMAZING women!

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Hair crush alert! We have the beautiful @donedo on the blog today sharing her hair journey. Don’t miss it! Go now to Thank you Donna. #globalcoutureblog #naturalhair #teamnatural_ #nhdaily #naturallycurly #naturalgirlsrock (at

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I’m sorry everyone this is suppose to be a positive safe place

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But i let my feelings get the best of me and entertained these people by responding to questions. In all honesty the theories and racism that was said yesterday still is annoying but i know when you discuss racism openly or even discuss having beauty blog for black people even the aspect of celebrating Black beauty some how you will always have people who are sociopathic and equate celebrating Blackness with violence.

I won’t let them stop me from what I’m doing here and i will continue to make this a positive place. So no more responding.

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How is a beauty blog catering to Black people promoting racial superiority. I’ll wait.

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rougejungle x Rhea

TITLED: Shattered

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Kelly looks beautiful!!

Beautiful. Dress is on point.

She’s glowing! So gorgeous

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