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đź‘“megane anime characterđź‘“

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Happy 25th birthday babe!!

DSW - Dark Skin Women ❤ 

To submit to our blog visit:

To share your picutues on Instagram @darkskinfwomen & tag #DSW #darkskinwomen :)

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The look backstage at #MAXMARA #maccosmetics #Macbackstage #romerojennings (at Milan Fashion Week )

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Gucci Beauty 

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Eartha Kitt | 1960s

Quote, “I wouldn’t bother to describe me. I’m Eartha Kitt.”

God, I love Eartha Kitt so much.


her eyebrows are perfect

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We are launching a cowdfunding & donation campaign for both Ackee & Saltfish The Web Series and The Strolling Series.

If everyone who watched the trailer to Ackee & Saltfish donated just ÂŁ1 we could raise over ÂŁ20,000.

You can find out exactly how your money will help us at » «

Essentially it comes down to this, it is already hard to get funding as an artist, period, but when you are trying to get funding for projects that are uncompromisingly by and about black people, it’s extremely difficult.

If everyone who watched Abraham’s episode from the strolling series donated just £1 we could raise way over £15,000.

We want to take strolling everywhere from Paris, to Kampala, to Brooklyn, but we need support to make that a reality. Similarly, we want to make The Web Series Ackee & Saltifsh of the highest quality and we need support for that. Also our actors work for free. We all moan about people selling out and doing shitty roles but these are professional actors and they need to eat and pay rent so support them!

"The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it." - James Baldwin

We are making it. Help us to continue to make dope art, for dope people


TWITTER: @cecileemeke

Black London creatives, also my friends but mostly my inspiration. Support however you can. <3

Donated because I need this.

Thank you so much for supporting <3333

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